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#7A-roll2-P-L-sz-c-acc-s copy#13 grandma madeline sleeping cropped copy8863betty and gay final20090501-Alexa multi colored dress,hands framing face #77-color&B&W mix-sp-c12x12-L-P20090606_daniel ventarola-sitting on car-cc-us-0079Adalaide with blanket up#29-tight crop-cc-ret- p copyalexa ray color portrait-s-c-ss0.9@50%FloJackMax copyGrace-face_0054-ret,sz,c-10x10-P-copyGrandma & daddygrandma mary looking at camera-ret-c-cc-8% warm filter LBA-sz-P-VFAjack#19 copy cc-croppedjulia laughing-RGB-P-s-c -cc -dodged-contrast +15% more -c&sz 10x10 copyjustina outside table copy-p- c-acc-retjustina'04 red sneakers on couch-c-cc-retPort_MG_1749Maddalena Head Shot #4max at window-P-shadows lightened-s-lightened -ret-c copyscan005Max @door-jacket cover copy-retSpin Flip-max on skateboard -c-cccopy