(You can skip down to the Fun Facts…nobody will know.)
Madelyn is an award-winning photographer living in New York State who is passionate about creating portraits as individual as you are. Her photographs have been displayed in many art exhibits and galleries.
Fanning a strong passion for photography instilled at the School of Visual Arts, Madelyn holds a degree from the prestigious Germain School of Photography in NYC.
Combining rock solid photographic expertise with the creativity behind designing the perfect setting for your photograph is Madelyn's goal.
"I work hard to tap into and convey emotion. Conceptualizing ahead of time is essential to creating superior images. Capturing emotion is the soul of a memorable photograph. It is so important that I work closely with my clients so we are on the same page come shoot day." Her art is unparalleled.
You can rely on Madelyn's discretion…hence some galleries are locked to public viewing. Your photos will not appear on any social networking site without prior consent.

Hi and thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read about me. I'll "TRY" to make this short and sweet…I'm a wife, mother, sister, loyal friend and a woman with a camera and a passion for photography. Like so many others here in Orange County, I am a transplanted Bronx girl. Swimming, road biking, hiking and yoga are things I love to do besides shooting of course…there just aren't enough hours in the day. I listen to my music loud, prefer my chocolate dark, my wine red and martini's fun. I love my family, 2 cats, shooting and printing my photos, going to the movies…ahhh, the list can go on and on, so I won't bore you with any more details. I do hope we get to meet and create a work of art that is as unique as you are.


Quintet Photographers Capturing Life
Hudson Highlands Photo Club & Workshop (past president)

lap4life (Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation and New York Donor Network)
Bark For Life -canine walk for American Cancer Society